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Confused by that new system you've just bought? Or maybe you just need refreshing on certain areas of the software? Either way, ISAMS can tailor a program of training from just 1 hour of personal tuition through to an entire training program. Examples of typical itineraries that you can pick and choose from include the following:

1. Basic Components – Hard Drive, Memory, External Storage, CD/DVD use, Cable Sockets

2. File Basics – Folders, Files, Documents in the Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 environment

3. Desktop Explorer (to find things), Start Button (to do things)

4. Computer “Programs”, known as “Executables”
    a. Word Processing (Microsoft Office, Works or OpenOffice)
    b. Spreadsheets
    c. E-Mail
    d. Internet Explorer (Browser)
    e. Digital Photography
    f. Games

5. Menus, Tabs, Drop-Down Lists, Moving and Re-Sizing Windows

6. Printing

7. Backups

8. Maintenance (Regular Cleanup)
   a. Recycle Bin
   b. Temporary Files (mainly from internet use)
   c. Registry Cleaning
   d. Startup Configuration

9. Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware Software
   a) Virus software aims to damage or cripple your system from working
   b) Spyware software aims to change the way your system works for malicious intent, e.g. to monitor your keystrokes, to flash up  rogue advertising, etc.

10. Possible Setup of Internet Connection, then using the internet

11. Example Document Applications

   a. Address Books / Phone Numbers
   b. To Do Lists
   c. Shopping Lists
   d. Recipes
   e. Letters
   f. Curriculum Vitae
   g. Newsletters
   h. Reminder Notes on Just About Anything!
   i. Banking Details (possibly online)
   j. Accounts

12. Example Internet Applications

  a. Search for information on anything (

  b. Look at news channels, e.g.,

  c. Look / Buy from Specific Shops, e.g.,,

  d. Look for Holidays, e.g.,,, etc

  e. Look / Book Flights, e.g.,

  f. Find a product at the cheapest price, e.g. a new washing machine, a new computer, etc.,, (these are all so-called price comparison sites)

  g. Buy your groceries online, e.g., (waitrose)

  h. Plan journeys, get routes, get mileages, get directions, e.g.,

  i. Buy house, car, personal insurance, e.g.,,

  j. Look up Train Timetables, e.g.,

  k. Buy Books, CDs, DVDs, Flowers, etc.,,

  l. Buy / Sell items on auction sites, e.g.

  m. Check Share Prices online, e.g.

  n. Check Investment Funds, e.g.

  o. And millions of other things!!!!!