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In recent years technology has revolutionised the way that friends and families stay in touch with e-mails, online photos and even live video feeds. Technology has provided facilities to order food and other goods over the web for delivery to the doorstep. Holidays, short breaks, air and train tickets, insurance and much more can be booked online, often at huge discounts. If you would like to enjoy some of these benefits, but you are unsure what equipment to buy or you are unclear how to utilise what you already own, then give ISAMS a call on 01933 272002 – the rates are very competitive and less than you may imagine.

ISAMS can provide advice and training at a pace to suit you, as well as setting up new equipment with the necessary e-mail and internet accounts to get you started.  With a positive outlook you should soon be amazing your friends and family as you become computer-savvy!  Hope to hear from you soon.